Hi, I'm Nora


Hi, I’m Nora! I’m a 1st year missionary at Christ in the City from Madrid, Iowa.

What brought you to Christ in the City?

In an experience in Adoration I was struck with how closed off I was to trusting the Lord to open my hands to give and receive. I had just met a CIC missionary who had told me about doing a Summer of Service so in an act of trust I signed up. In my experience doing a Summer of Service in 2022, I learned how dire of a need it is to love and be loved by others. I knew that God wanted to continue to show me his wounded heart through my friends on the street and to use me as a vessel of his love by bringing me back to CIC.

What are you looking forward to?

I am looking forward to the beauty and growth found in living, praying, and serving within a community. I’m also hopeful for the ways that the Lord is going to stretch and nurture my heart by working through the people I will encounter, and by allowing me to see Christ in all that I meet.

A little bit about me

I grew up in Madrid, Iowa on an acreage with my 8 siblings and parents where I was raised in the Catholic faith and homeschooled up until graduating high school. I believe in my life there’s nothing quite as good as playing with my niece and nephews, taking a walk with a friend that goes on forever, eating Lucky Charms in a hammock in the woods, swing dancing in the kitchen to some Josh Turner, or drinking coffee in my “plant mom” mug while reading a good book (most likely a Jane Austin). However, nothing gives me life quite like when I am able to receive the sacraments or sit with my Lord in Adoration because it is in these things that my cup is filled to overflowing!