- Mother Teresa

"Many people talk about
the homeless,
but few talk to them."


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Taking Service from Transactional to Relational

After thousands of hours of walking the streets, our experience has proven that the root of homelessness is ruptured relationships. Christ in the City is addressing the most debilitating need for the homeless in the streets: the underlying need for human connection.

Our Approach:

Healing through Relationship

Christ in the City spends over 38,000 hours each year building relationships with the homeless in the streets. It is through seemingly small interactions—the disarming power of eye contact, a genuine smile, stopping to say hello and learn someones name—that the seeds of friendship take root and a journey of healing begins.


We Form Catholic Missionaries

Our young adult missionaries live in a common house, sharing a life of prayer, service, simplicity, and accountability. Drawing from that as their foundation, they are able to go out and bring the love of Christ to the homeless in the streets.

We Walk With the Homeless

Missionaries walk the same street routes, Monday thru Friday, building friendships with the homeless. Our sole purpose is to bring love where there is no love, to bring relationship where it does not exist. And in doing so, we are re-cultivating a foundation in someone to have hope, walking with our homeless friends toward healing and re-integration into society.

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Homeless But Human

Don’t miss the Homeless But Human podcast where we talk about how to step out of your comfort zone and serve the poor wherever you live. Along the way, you will hear directly from our homeless friends as they embrace this platform to share their stories.


13 Years of Reaching the Homeless with the Love of Christ

Experiencing the Mission

Ways to Get Involved

Each year, Christ in the City trains hundreds of volunteers using a relational approach to homeless ministry, Whether in person, or through our digital resources, we have ways to support you in encountering the poor wherever you live!

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