“Many people talk about the homeless, but few talk to them.

-Mother Teresa

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We form Catholic missionaries

Young adult missionaries live in a common house and share daily life together. They spend intentional time learning about the Catholic faith and resources to serve the homeless.

We reach out to the homeless

We walk the same routes and, over time, build friendships with the homeless. In this way, Christ in the City is addressing poverty at its core by showing the homeless that they are seen, known, and loved.

We walk with them toward healing

As our homeless friends recognize that they are worthy of being walked with, they begin a journey of healing that can change the course of their lives.


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The cycle of poverty can be broken by the simple strength of human connection.

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Everyone Deserves to be
Known & Loved.

Known & Loved is a community of monthly givers who make it possible for Christ in the City missionaries to receive Catholic formation and encounter the poor consistently. These friendships are changing lives, and it’s because of people like you!

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Homeless But Human

a Christ In The City Podcast

Don’t miss the Homeless But Human podcast where we talk about how to step out of your comfort zone and serve the poor wherever you live. Along the way, you will hear directly from our homeless friends as they embrace this platform to share their stories.

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