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JOB TITLE: Director of Missionary Outreach

REPORTS TO: Program Director

JOB DESCRIPTION:The Director of Missionary Outreach oversees the missionaries in all homeless outreach ministry for Christ in
the City, guiding relationships between the missionaries, staff and volunteers with those experiencing homelessness and other outreach agencies.



● Create a community culture within the Homeless Outreach Ministry that is consistent
with the identified mission, vision, guiding principles, and values of Christ in the City.
● Facilitate reflection and application of Homeless Outreach Handbook in collaboration
with the Formators.


● Plan and execute ongoing street ministry training regarding homeless encounters,
safety, and outreach resources for the missionaries
● Provide oversight and direction to missionaries
● Lead weekly meeting with missionary street teams
● Work with missionaries to schedule the different accompaniments between them and
the homeless we form relationships with
● Assist in responding to difficulties that missionaries encounter on the streets and direct
interventions as necessary
● Report to the formators the difficulties missionaries are facing
● Accompany the missionaries in street ministry each week, rotating between all the
● Train and supervise the missionaries in all Christ in the City ministries, including:
Night Ministry, Women’s Ministry, University Ministry, Lunch in the Park and Daily
Street Walks
● Manage street routes missionaries walk for street ministry
● Plan and execute all aspects of Christ in the City Lunch in the Park in coordination
with the Volunteer Coordinator
● Oversee communications with friends on the street (e.g. G-Mail & Google Voice


● Help research and refine aspects of street ministry in order to better serve the poor and
● Collect data on all street ministry and present it to the Managing Director upon request
● Oversee and manage Homeless Outreach database, including intake forms


● Provide pertinent information to the Program Director with regards to donations for the
● Manage necessary permits for ministries from the City/State Parks and Recreation
Department, and/or third party agencies (e.g. Lunch in the Park, night ministry)
● Create and manage positive relationships with various homeless agencies and outreach
● Collaborate with other organizations, the city, and the state to help know, love and
serve the poor


● Personnel management
● Cross team collaboration, team building, team motivation
●Conviction and understanding of Christ in the City’s vision, mission, values, and
guiding principles
● Effective conflict management
● Highly developed communication skills
● Social perceptiveness
● Creative problem solving
● Problem sensitivity
● Coordination/Organization/Administration skills
● Intellectually formed in Catholic Social Doctrine
● Service orientation
● Experience serving the homeless
● Experience working with youth


● Compassion: Profound desire to serve the poor directly
● Prudence and responsibility (responsible for the missionaries safety on the streets)
● Welcoming personality and able to handle difficult situations that happen in the streets
with the homeless
● Maturity/Stability to understand and accompany the missionaries through struggles
experienced in street ministry
● Proficiency with modern office productivity tools (e.g. Microsoft, G Suite and
scheduling programs)

APPLY: For consideration, please send resume and cover letter to