Hi, I'm Natalie

I’m a first year missionary from Newaygo, MI.

What brought you to Christ in the City?

From the beginning of highschool I knew I wanted to do mission work after I graduated. However when senior year approached I had no idea where to go. All the young adult ministries that I knew of didn’t seem to be the right fit for me. Then I stumbled upon Christ in the City while listening to a podcast. I started to look into this ministry and very quickly realized that it was exactly what I had been looking for. Daily sacraments, community living, and a ministry of loving others. With every step I took towards CIC God affirmed that this was where he was calling me to go.

What are you looking forward to?

I am looking forward to all the ways the Lord is going to stretch me and help me grow my faith at Christ in the City. Especially how He will grow my trust in Him and my love for Him in others. I am also really looking forward to living in community with so many other wonderful Catholic young adults.

A bit about me

I grew up in the small town of Newaygo in western Michigan. A cradle Catholic and homeschooled, I am the third oldest of seven in a close knit family. I love all things artsy including painting, sewing, embroidering, sketching, and thrifting. I consider myself an old soul and firmly believe we should all go back to dressing like the 1800s. However, nothing fills me with greater joy than to receive Jesus in the Eucharist and to sit with Him in adoration.