Hi, I'm Marta

I’m a 1st year missionary from Edwardsville, IL.

What brought you to Christ in the City?

I would call my introduction to CIC an accident, but I know it was His providence! Mid-summer 2022, I decided I would go on a mission trip. Impromptu mission opportunities were basically nonexistent, so when FOCUS offered to squeeze me into a CIC mission trip in 2 weeks, I packed my bags! When I arrived, I barely knew what Christ in the City was, but I found a beautiful community + a very remarkable mission. I had never seen people give their time and attention to others so intentionally. The staff and missionaries seemed to hang onto every word I said and I felt so loved by them. The hurt I encountered and joy I experienced on the streets moved my heart. I underwent great conversion through my time there, and I have been on fire for continuing CIC’s mission to know and love others since. I have only continued to fall more in love with the mission, so continuing to participate in and be shaped by CIC was by far my greatest desire for next year! I am so thankful God has allowed CIC to be such a major part of my life with Him. 

What are you looking forward to?

Shooting the wind on a street corner in Denver?! I really enjoy the streets, so i’m excited for daily life at CIC. Coming to know my community members and friends on the streets will be a privilege! I hope to gain a deeper understanding of our Lord’s heart + His mercy this year. It is only from His love that we are able to love at all, so I hope to learn greater dependence on Him. In my experience, life at CIC is overflowing with beauty + joy, so I know next year will hold much Grace! 

A bit about me

I’m a midwestern girl who loves her family! On any evening, you could find me watching my nieces’ or nephews’ t-ball games, playing cards with my parents, or closing down a bonfire with my friends. Some of my greatest joys are rosary walks, coffee dates, flowers, swing/line dancing, hugs from my nieces and nephews, and making new friends! I love a good road trip. My parents brought the 5 of us kids to all 50 states (mostly) by camper! Despite having seen so much, there’s no place I’d rather be than gathered by the pool with my family on a Sunday afternoon, chatting with my cousins by my grandparents’ pond, or resting in front of the Blessed Sacrament.