Hi, I'm Anthony

I’m a 1st year missionary from South St. Paul, MN.

What brought you to Christ in the City?

During High School, I was discerning which college I wanted to go to. While I was figuring all this out, and as I started receiving acceptance letters, I started to get the feeling that college was not the best choice for my next step in life. I realized that I was planning on going to college only because that’s just what everyone does after high school. This prompted me to think about taking a gap year, and I began looking at options for me to do during my gap year. My mom, who was all for my decision in taking a gap year, mentioned a thing or two about mission work. This was the first seed planted in my brain about actually doing that sort of thing. The only thing is that I didn’t know where I would do mission work. For me, when I heard the term “mission work”, my mind always went to foreign countries such as Nigeria, Liberia, and Uganda, so the thought of going overseas to do mission work was a scary thought. I wanted to do something that helped people directly, but I wanted to stay in the U.S. so I asked a priest friend if he knew of any good organizations that were based in the U.S.. He mentioned Christ in the City, and a few others, but the way he stressed about how good Christ in the City was induced me to dig deeper about it. Once I decided that I was serious about it, I reached out to Christ in the City and asked them if I could visit to see first hand how they actually did things. I was so glad that I decided to visit them. I absolutely loved my experience, and if someone is planning on joining Christ in the City, I would highly recommend visiting them. If I had not visited, I do not think that I would have been so certain of my decision in joining. I knew that I wanted to join right after the first day. I have never been so certain of something in my entire life. I am so very thankful for being accepted as a Christ in the City missionary!

What are you looking forward to?

I am really excited to be working with the homeless people. I have always had a heart for the homeless, and I really want to help them. I am also really looking forward to meeting the missionaries with whom I will be working with. I had a very nice experience meeting the summer missionaries, and I hope I have the same experience.

A bit about me

I love playing and watching sports. I have played practically every sport in my lifetime, but I specifically really like tennis. I have played tennis since I was 3 years old, and now, along with playing, I am also teaching it locally (well, not anymore). I was home-schooled through 8th grade, and I attended Trinity School at River Ridge for high school. My favorite hobbies are juggling, playing cards, doing trick shots, and playing piano.