Hi, I'm Alexa

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I’m a first year missionary from San Antonio, TX.

What brought you to Christ in the City?

Since high school, I have had the growing desire to serve the homeless community. Back in my hometown, when I would encounter the homeless on street corners, I would roll down my car window, hand out some money, barely make eye contact, and then drive away crying. I was always upset after these interactions because I knew that these beautiful people needed something much deeper than money. They needed to be told that they were deeply loved, but I had no idea as to how to convey this message. That changed when I came on a mission trip to Christ in the City in college. I arrived thinking that we would be assisting at a homeless shelter, or working in a soup kitchen for the homeless, but I was amazed to find out that the sole mission of Christ in the City was to administer directly to the poverty of loneliness within the homeless community. Suddenly, these desires within me that were made apparent in high school to love the homeless and those suffering the heavy burden of loneliness began to make sense, and I realized that the mission of Christ in the City was exactly what I had been searching for.

What are you looking forward to?

It is a privilege to encounter the homeless with no agenda except to convey Christ’s love. Christ tells us that “whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me,” and it is a privilege to live out the Gospel in this way and encounter Christ in the homeless community. I am really looking forward to growing in deeper friendship with Christ through prayer and service, and I am excited to grow in genuine friendship with the other missionaries brought to Christ in the City. 

A little bit about me

I am graduating this year from Benedictine College with a Theology degree and a minor in chemistry with hopes of pursuing a career in medicine. I love playing musical instruments and exercising, and one of my more random hobbies is to create rhythmic beats using pens. My favorite movie quote is “smile and wave boys, smile and wave” (Skipper the Penguin, Madagascar) because it sums up how I approach many situations in life.