Lunch in The Park

Every Wednesday & 2nd Saturday

This was an awesome experience! Our youth said it was the highlight of the entire mission trip and, for many, the highlight of all the mission trips they have been a part of. It changed the way all of us view the homeless and gave us an appreciation for them as people. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of your mission for a day and for being so welcoming! We appreciated it!


Lunch in the Park is held every Wednesday & 2nd Saturday of the month at noon. For location and parking details, please SIGN UP. Training is required for all first-time volunteers.

What to Expect


Each Wednesday and Second Saturday of the Month.

Training starts at 10:00am, and is required for all first-time volunteers. If you plan to attend training on a Wednesday, please sign up for a volunteer training shift, or let us know by emailing

Lunch starts at 12pm.
Location: Benedict Fountain Park, East 20th Avenue, Denver CO

At the training, you can park on any nearby streets or in the parking lot. Street parking is free.
At the park, street parking is free. 

We encourage volunteers to eat with our friends at Lunch in the Park. Volunteers can also pack their own lunch if they wish to do so.

You are free to leave lunch whenever you wish, but we do encourage volunteers to stay until the end to participate in the ending prayer. The ending prayer is at 1pm.

We invite families with children of all ages and love to have families participate in our mission. On 2nd Saturdays we incorporate games (i.e. Frisbee, corn hole, and soccer), to keep younger children engaged and to create a warm atmosphere. We require parents or legal guardians to be present and aware of their children because of the environment of the park and surrounding areas.

Generally, lunch in the park is a very warm and welcoming setting. However, because of the population we work with, there is always the chance that an unstable situation may arise. In the training, we go over safety protocol to prepare volunteers for any type of situation. Christ in the City has trained supervisors overseeing the event and will deal with safety situations if they are to arise.

For 1st time volunteers, we require a training which includes information about Christ in the City’s mission, practicalities of what to do at the park (i.e. how to start a conversation), and safety protocol. We also require adult and minor liability forms to be signed once a year for all CIC volunteers. Please note that everyone in your group must individually do a liability form.

Yes, we are always looking for more food donations and parish involvement at Lunch in the Park. If your parish is interested in sponsoring a 2nd Saturday or Wednesday Lunch, Christ in the City will give you information, materials, and any assistance needed. Email with questions or ideas.

Want to Join Us for Lunch in the Park?