To the person who feels unworthy, 

When I came to Christ in the City, I was broken. Wounded. I didn’t believe that I was lovable, good, or worth it. In some ways, I was very similar to those that I would meet on the streets.

Over the last two years, I’ve been opened to receive joy, love, and mercy again. I’ve been shown again and again that I am worth it, that I am good, and that I am lovable. Over and over again, Jesus has leaned in close, called my attention to his gaze – that intense look fixed on my own eyes – and repeated again and again, “André, I love you.”

Thank you, Jesus.

My time at CIC has been a small share of the Resurrection. Far from easy, far from perfect, I’ve learned to see my wounds like those that Jesus bears in His resurrected body. I’ve learned to see my goodness even in the midst of my weakness. I’ve learned to look at moments of fragility and brokenness as the privileged places where the Lord comes to meet me in mercy and love.  

Even through all the many challenges and sufferings, Jesus has been oh so faithful, present, and good. Even in the midst of the dark nights, He’s been there the whole time. He led me through the Red Sea; He sustained me through the exile; He’s kept pursuing, calling, and chasing. Alleluia.

I’m grateful for being loved back to life.
I’m grateful for being loved into my share of the Resurrection.
I’m grateful for being loved into this new life of freedom.

Thank you, Jesus.

Life with Christ is an amazing adventure: filled with suffering, heartache, and challenge, yes, but also filled with intense peace, pervasive joy, and overwhelming freedom.

I didn’t know it was possible. 

When I came to Christ in the City, I had just about given up on the possibility of experiencing any of this; it couldn’t be for me. I’m happy to have been wrong. For the first time in a long time, I can hear Jesus tell me again, “André, I love you” and actually believe it. 

I want that for you.
Follow Jesus. It is supremely worth it.

With love, gratitude, and the promise of prayer,

André is finishing his second missionary year with CIC. Hailing from the Great East Coast (Bridgeport, CT), he enjoys tea, puns, and photography.