Culture of Encounter: Camping Mug

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Enhance your camping experience with our unique camper mug, designed for durability and multifunctional use. Whether it’s for your favorite beverage or a hot meal during your outdoor adventures, this camper mug is an essential companion for your next journey. Crafted from lightweight and durable enamel for lasting use, it features a white coating with a silver rim for a classic touch. Easy to attach to your bag for on-the-go accessibility during hikes, this mug is hand-wash only to preserve its quality and design. Please note that while this camper mug is a versatile addition to your gear, avoid heating liquids or food directly in the mug to maintain its quality over time. Additionally, its enamel surface may develop stains with certain beverages, which can be removed with the use of lemon juice or soda and a gentle scrub. Your purchase supports our mission to bring comfort and warmth to every encounter. Thank you for joining us in spreading joy and solidarity!

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Culture of Encounter: Camping Mug