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My name’s Stephanie and I’m a 2nd-year Christ in the City missionary from Manassas, VA.

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What brought you to Christ in the City?

The reckless love of God, and Our Lady of Sorrows.

In this past year, Jesus has led me down a path of trustful surrender to His will, leading me to Christ in the City for a Summer of Service. My desire to love the poor has only grown since and Jesus has repeated to me, “I am not finished yet.” I know that He has so much more planned than I could ever imagine, and I am so grateful He has called me back after graduation!

How has Christ in the City helped you grow?
Christ in the City this year has been a home and a place for me to grow in too many ways to name. This place is truly out of this world, leading me to learn how to be loved and how to love in the purest way I have ever experienced. The community life here, living with 30 other young adults, and learning how to receive and give love until it hurts is one of the greatest ways I have been growing this year. I have also grown in freedom, learning how poor and little I truly am, and how this is not a bad thing, rather, this is what sets me free to be as I am.
I have thought recently how this past year has simply made me “lose who I am.” I have lost all the false ideas I had about myself, learning that the core and authentic me is good, is always good enough, and in losing my “ideas” of who I am, I find who I really am. I am excited to lose more of myself next year for the sake of finding more Love, in myself and others.
A bit about me

I am from Manassas, Virginia, and went to Virginia Tech! I love the Hokies, dancing, Michael Jordan, painting, tuna salad, irony, and I have always wanted to hitchhike (but it is illegal, I know). Sometimes I like to play with electricity. My current favorite Saints are St. Philip Neri, St. Maria Faustina Kowalska, and St. Maximilian Kolbe. 

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