“Street ministry not only taught me how to give love, but also to allow myself to receive love.”

A Ministry of Encounter

For three weeks this summer, we had the privilege of spreading our mission in the great state of Texas! We’re so grateful to be a part of what the Lord is doing there, knowing that this is all is part of the plan for Jesus’ divine love and mercy to be manifested in the heart of San Antonio.

Over the course of our three weeks, the local community welcomed us with so much hospitality and support to help make our mission possible in their city. We established regular street routes, encountered the homeless consistently, and were able to learn their names and spend time getting to know them. We made friends on the street that looked forward to seeing us every day, and we met some spectacular people who inspired us to know truth, to experience beauty, and to love more deeply in our own lives. This is just the beginning!

Thank you, San Antonio! 
We’re better for being with you.

Q&A with Team San Antonio!

What’s been one of the most impactful experiences in street ministry? 

Getting to spend time with Eric, a new friend on the street. At first, we were intimidated by him, but one day, he was sitting with a giant palm branch making delicate little roses out of the individual palms. I asked him if he’d teach me how, and he said he was happy to.

We sat on the ground, I followed his lead, weaving the palms together until eventually what we were working on turned into small beautiful roses. In the midst of this, he shared that he sells these in order to make enough money to get through the day.

As we sat together, making our roses, we shared more about ourselves and suddenly, he was no longer the intimidating man we first saw, but a humble and gentle friend.

What’s something your team has learned?

Jesus has definitely stretched us with this experience of leading a brand-new summer expansion in San Antonio. We weren’t as familiar with the city, the homeless in the area, the culture, or the resources. 
But the Lord knew what He wanted – and what we needed. He showed us how to let go of our own expectations for success and our own desires in order to embrace what He wanted to give us. He showed us how to lean on Him more profoundly, and most importantly, how to trust in Him more deeply.