“My heart is restless until it rests with Thee.” I’ve heard this so many times, it’s almost a tired cliché. Little did I know how quickly He would teach me the meaning of these words as a Christ in the City missionary.
A friend in the streets greeted me with “Hi, Joe! You look happy today.”

“You know what, I truly am,” I replied, slightly caught off guard by his statement.

“Any particular reason?” he inquired.

I thought for a few seconds before I answered, “I’m not really sure…”
I wondered about our conversation during our drive back home, trying to figure out what the reason could be. It couldn’t be my breakfast from that morning, that’s for sure (I completely burnt my poor bagel after ignoring the timer dial on the toaster)! The drive was just long enough to reflect over the past month.

It’s been a month filled with laughter, song, and community. It’s been a month that started with a random trip to Sonic that culminated with a bunch of strangers trying not to laugh at each other while playing a sad, sad, solemn game. It’s been a September spent waving at random drivers while having dance parties inside Christ in the City’s big white van and rocking out to Backstreet Boys while making pizza. Above all, the past month for me has been about making dozens of new friends on the streets of Denver and sharing with them countless handshakes, hugs, and laughs, hearing their stories and helping them in whatever small way I can.

How can I not be happy after gaining nineteen new brothers and sisters, all eager to grow in and live out their faith? How can I not be at peace when my every waking moment has been filled with joy and charity? How can my heart be restless when I’m exactly where I am called to be?

Joe Lugue is a first-year missionary from Rancho Cordova, CA. He likes puppies, babies, Oxford commas and irony.