Our Mission

Knowing, Loving & Serving the Poor

Christ in the City is a Catholic nonprofit dedicated to forming missionaries, volunteers and communities in knowing, loving and serving the poor.

“You cannot give what you do not have.”
In order to bring the love of Christ to others, we must first experience Him ourselves. Missionaries deepen their relationship with Christ every day through prayer, Mass, Liturgy of the Hours and personal prayer time. In addition, missionaries have weekly group dialogues, receive spiritual direction and are guided by members of the Christian Life Movement.

“God has placed in the heart a desire to know truth.”
The missionaries participate in accredited masters and college level courses through partnerships with University of Mary and the Augustine Institute. Missionaries are educated in the truths of the Catholic faith and it’s social justice teachings in order to better apply faith and reason to their daily work and lives.

“You cannot love what you do not know.”
The homeless are often served materially by people yet go unknown by anyone and therefore unloved. Our ministry is unique in that we specialize in not only serving the poor but in knowing, loving and serving the poor. We have found authentic friendship can transform a life and often affect the following types of change in a person, namely: Freedom from addiction, meaningful work, housing and reconciliation with God.

“Community life is the greatest school of Love.”
Community life allows us to grow in self-knowledge and to learn how to be holy in the practical demands of human life.