“In 3 weeks, it was evident that we became a community of men and women fully alive and filled with the joy of the Holy Spirit.”

The Streets of OKC

Bringing Christ in the City to Oklahoma City was a powerful, yet humbling experience. As we began our trek to Oklahoma, I recall how nervous we each felt. How would the homeless react to us trying to befriend them? How would the local community receive us? Did they even want us there?

Those nerves and fears, however, were quickly relieved. We were welcomed with more love and kindness than we could have ever imagined! The friends we made on the streets didn’t just see us as some random kids walking around and passing out snacks. They understood that we actually cared to know them.

Similarly, we were overwhelmed by the generosity we received from the local community. Many families opened their homes to us, provided meals, and showed us such love and hospitality! We also learned so much through the witness of everyone we encountered at the Archdiocese, Catholic Charities, and in the parishes. As we finished our time there, we humbly realized that it was not only OKC that needed Christ in the City, but Christ in the City that needed OKC.

Thanks for everything, y’all!
We’ll be back!




Q&A with Team OKC!

What was one of the most impactful experiences you had in street ministry? 

There is one friend on the street that found a particularly special place in our hearts. Reggie was the quiet type, but I still remember the smile on his face when we first met him.

As we introduced ourselves, Reggie was quick to brush off the steps next to him and offer us a seat. It was a small act of kindness, but a powerful one and the first of many. We talked for hours, and though his stories were never wild, it was his sincerity, patience, and silent gratitude that brought us to treasure him so dearly.

In what ways did the local community get involved? 

The most beautiful moments were when we got to take local volunteers out on street ministry walks with us. We split into teams and took them on the street routes we had been walking regularly, as well as to Sister BJ’s pantry downtown. It was a joy to be able to introduce them to our friends on the street and to encourage them in continuing this mission after we leave! 

What was it like living in community with your fellow missionaries? 

Summer of Service was filled with a lot of love and a lot of friendships. This whole thing isn’t just for our friends on the streets and the local community, it’s for us missionaries too. In three weeks, it was evident that we became a community of men and women fully alive and filled with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Through this experience, we not only learned to see Christ in the people we encountered on the streets, but in each member of our community. We are so grateful!



-Your Christ in the City Missionaries