Hi, I'm Nico

I’m a 1st year missionary from Bogotá, Colombia.

What brought you to Christ in the City?

I have been part of the CLM (Christian Life movement) since 2020, I always found a remarkable joy in the sodalite community when we gathered as God’s family in prayer or in service. Although in my home country, Colombia, there is not any full-time missionary work in the CLM, one of the brothers invited me to participate in CIC, so I did not hesitate to present my application. As an economist my biggest goal had been to work for the poor, so this was the perfect opportunity to get to know and love those who I was desiring to live for.

What are you looking forward to?

Nowadays I’m discerning my vocation, for that reason I’m looking forward to grow in that love that does not expect anything in return and all that it implies. Therefore, it is a huge privilege to me being able to serve those in need while I’m living in a community life of prayer. Moreover, CIC has been a beautiful place to go deeper in my relationship with God and grow in my identity and mission of being a son of God.

A bit about me

I’m “Nicolás”, but all my friends call me Nico, I’m the youngest son of two sons and one of 22 grandchildren that my grandma has. I like sports and works out, I really like to learn and explore what is new to me. I regard myself as someone that loves to be better in every step and someone that challenges himself to spent his life in the best way possible.