Hi, I'm Jay

My name’s Jay and I’m a 2nd year Christ in the City missionary from Long Island, NY.

What brought you to Christ in the City?

What brought me to Christ in the City is the way of life, which I experienced first-hand after spending 3 weeks with Christ in the City in Boston. It was a life-changing experience, and I never knew one could form such deep relationships, and come so much closer to God in only 3 weeks. The life of prayer, community, and service are all what attracts me so strongly to life at CIC. One easily recognizes the foundation that a life of prayer provides, the beauty and growth that lies within community, and the complete giving over of yourself to Christ when serving and loving others.

How has Christ in the City helped you grow?

I’ve grown more in this last year as a missionary than any words could come near expressing, but to try and put down one thing, Christ in the City has helped me grow in my identity being rooted in Christ alone. I see so clearly how so many evil passions arise in me so quickly through a lack of rootedness in Christ, through a lack of knowledge of His love for me, which is always there despite the way I look, despite how I’m perceived, despite how much attention I’m receiving, despite me sinning or not, His love remains, and I can do nothing to earn it or maintain it. Looking back now, I didn’t even know how wounded I was before coming to Christ in the City; I thought that I wasn’t wounded, and I’m discovering not only that, but the fact that the real love that God holds for me at every moment is what will heal all of these wounds, and has been, on His time.

A bit about me

I’m 19 years old, born and raised in New York in a loud and loving Dominican household. Right now I’m discerning a call to religious life, so this opportunity to serve will also be an opportunity for me to discern the calling to religious life that I have felt tugging at my heart. I really enjoy sports, especially basketball and baseball, but it’s always best when it’s with other people (and besides, how can you even play baseball alone?); I also love taking time to read and to write, it’s always a refreshing way for me to rest.