Hi, I'm Gabrielle

I’m a 1st year missionary from Rayne, Louisiana.

What brought you to Christ in the City?

For a while, I knew Christ placed the desire on my heart to serve others and bring Christ to them. I had always been attracted to CIC since one of our family friends became a missionary in August of 2021. Experiencing a Summer of Service with CIC in Dallas for three weeks really drew me in. The lifestyle, community, and formation were all things I wanted in my daily life. It also showed me a beautiful way to serve and bring Christ to the poor, as well as meet Christ in the poor. But still, I was unsure of what the Lord had planned for me. Ultimately, I saw that I needed a greater formation. I desired to be formed into having a heart like Christ and become closer to Him. Christ in the City seemed like the path that would help me discover who God had created me to be.

How has Christ in the City helped you grow?

Being at Christ in the City has shown me my poverty. A poverty that I wasn’t aware of for the majority of my life. I’ve also come to know myself more deeply and honestly. But most importantly, Christ in the City has shown me how to love and how to be loved. I reflect often on why the Lord wanted me to become a missionary with CIC, and I think that’s the exact reason. My community and friends on the street have shown me that I am lovable. This has been the greatest gift that the Lord has given to me through Christ in the City. 

A bit about me

I’m from a small town called Rayne, Louisiana. I graduated high school in May of 2023 and am currently 19. I enjoy singing and playing guitar. I love jam sessions, beautiful nature, listening to good music, painting, writing, traveling, or just staying home and watching a movie.