Hi, I'm Gabrielle

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I’m a 1st year missionary from Rayne, Louisiana.

What brought you to Christ in the City?

I know Christ placed the desire in my heart to serve others and bring Christ to them. I had always been attracted to CIC since one of our family friends became a missionary in August of 2021. What really drew me in was being able to experience a Summer of Service with CIC in Dallas for three weeks. The lifestyle, community, and formation were all things I wanted in my daily life. My hope is to be formed to have a heart like Christ and become closer to Him, and my prayer is that CIC will guide me to this!

What are you looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to the adventure! I’m not completely sure what to expect but I’m ready to be striving towards Christ with other young people who love the Lord.

A bit about me

I’m from a small town called Rayne, Louisiana. I went to the same school my entire life, John Paul the Great Academy in Lafayette (GO GUARDIANS). I graduated high school in May of 2023 so this will be my first big leap! Although leaving my friends and family is a little difficult, I’m confident God will take care of me. I enjoy singing and playing instruments with my friends, beautiful nature, listening to good music, traveling, or just staying home and watching a good movie.