Hi, I'm Evelyn

I’m a 1st year missionary from Turlock, CA.

What brought you to Christ in the City?

I learned about Christ in the City through social media while on the road and was drawn to all of the similarities of the life I was already living! I had a great desire to continue living in community, serving others, and growing in my relationship with the Lord. After visiting in July, the missionaries made me feel at home and I experienced God in every interaction we had on the street, especially at lunch in the park when a friend told me after lunch that I had made him feel welcome, and like he belonged as I sat with him and others throughout the lunch hour. Such a small interaction was huge for him.

What are you looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to continuing to get out of my comfort zone and learn what it means even more to serve, in whatever capacity the Lord wants me to serve, even if that means cleaning toilets and dying to myself. 

A bit about me

I’m 19 years old, the youngest of three kids, and come from a Mexican family! I graduated Class of 2022 from a Catholic high school where I grew to love my faith and also grew passionate about service. I had the opportunity to serve with NET Ministries last year in the Chicago / Memphis area and got to experience the beauty of simple living, reliance on the Lord, and most importantly, community life! Fun fact about me, I was a sports photographer for six years and worked in sports media throughout high school. I love mariachi music, playing guitar, cold exposure, latin, photography, weight lifting, being out in the sun, racing and vintage cars, my two year old niece, making friends with random strangers, and actively avoiding any sort of lactose that may bring me to meet the Lord any sooner than he intends.