Hi, I'm Chloe

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What brought you to Christ in the City?

Throughout college my commitment to my faith and love of the Lord grew tremendously. As I thought about what I would do after graduation, I knew that I wanted to pursue something that was totally and explicitly for the Lord. I had been drawn to serving the poor, especially to those experiencing homelessness, since high school. When I discovered Christ in the City, the Lord made it clear that He was calling me here.

What are you looking forward to?

I am looking forward to learning how to love deeply and unreservedly both in community with other missionaries and on the streets. I see this year as full of opportunities to better understand Christ’s call to love Him above all and to love others as I love myself.

A bit about me

I attended the University of Washington and received my BA in Civil Engineering in June 2023. I love to cook and bake, and share my meals with my friends and family. To me, the best way to spend an evening is deep conversations over a good home cooked meal. I have always been passionate about learning. I cannot keep up with my growing reading list, but I am always on the lookout for new suggestions, especially anything that teaches me more about the Church and her saints.