Joe helped reunite a father and son on the streets.

Catarina became Catholic because of a mission trip she went on with Christ in the City.

Jayne fell in love with God through nature and tiny orange fungi.

Anna Rose credits praying the rosary with bringing her to Christ in the City.

Joe turned down job after college to volunteer a year.

Makena accompanied a pregnant friend experiencing homelessness to receive monthly

prenatal care through Bella Natural Women’s Care.

Dillon is discerning priesthood.

Gian lost independence but gained brotherhood through adjusting to Christ in the City

community life.

Abby is one of the first two Canadian missionaries.

Blake assisted a young woman on the streets who was being sex trafficked.

Robert’s favorite verse from the Bible is “Jesus wept”.

Catriona consoled a homeless man contemplating suicide.

Emily met a man who couldn’t find a place to go use the restroom on Christmas.

Karla is the first missionary from Peru.

Alyssa got lost in Rome one day and ended up just a few steps from Pope Francis.

Shannah studied biophysics before volunteering a year.

Katrina is one of the first 5 international missionaries.

Claire can recall the exact minute of the day Christ called her to volunteer a year with

Christ in the City.

Adriana fell in love with Our Lady of Guadalupe in the U.S. vs Mexico where she is from.

Hannah was surprised by how seldom friends on the street hear their own names or

make eye contact.