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My name’s Macie and I’m a 2nd-year Christ in the City missionary from Louisiana.

What brought me to Christ in the City

I knew my desire to serve the poor and live radically couldn’t be done alone.

How Christ in the City has helped me grow

Christ in the City has taught me that friendships worth fighting for really do exist. Whether my friends on the street or my community members, they are worth fighting for. I never thought that I would be apart of a community of people and serve a population of people that know my heart better than I do most days. This is what we were created for, to be in true communion with each other. My year and a half at Christ in the City has stripped me of most things and left me with the reality and truth that at its core, I am worthy of love. Worthy of a love so bold and fierce that it is worth dying for, and that I can in return show this love to the people I get to encounter every single day. I have grown in this confidence in this Lord that He does work through me and I am worthy of being His vessel at every moment. Whether I succeed or fail in tasks throughout the day, I get to be loved on the streets and loved at home in community and give the love to people that I desire as well. This place is like heaven on earth and I am thankful to be apart of this ministry.