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My name’s Luciana and I’m a 2nd-year Christ in the City missionary from Kennesaw, GA.

What brought me to Christ in the City

I’ve felt a strong desire to encounter and share friendship with the homeless around me from the time I was in high school or earlier. When I discovered Christ in the City during my third year of college, it was around the same time I realized my heart wasn’t really in my finance studies and I couldn’t ignore my conviction any longer. I felt God calling me to serve Him for at least a year after college, and everything about Christ in the City seemed to fulfill so many specific desires I had for mission work and my own growth.

I truly felt God heard my prayers, saw my heart, and has given to me in absolute abundance this year as a missionary. When I began to consider serving for a second year, I couldn’t shake the conviction that the Lord had more in store for me than what He’d already given in just one year here. He was nourishing me in so many ways– physically, spiritually and emotionally– and I realized I needed more; there was so much more personal growth and freedom awaiting me here, and He made it pretty clear how He delighted in extending His hand to me in this way. I’m so excited for the adventure, friendship and healing growth to come in my second year at CIC.

How Christ in the City has helped me grow

I think the most fruitful formation I have received at Christ in the City is how I’ve experienced and learned how to have healthy relationships with men. Living in community with both men and women has given a space for healthy boundaries and communication, where we learn how to truly see and love one another as brother and sister.

Before Christ in the City, most of my relationships with men have revolved around use and ended in hurt. But on the streets and in community here, we get to live out our complementary roles as men and women so beautifully. I have realized just how much each person is a gift to be received by one another. I have gained brothers who have honored me as a sister and met me in my brokenness with patience and unselfish love.

More than ever in my life, this has given me freedom in my relationships with men to flourish as a sister with the same reverent love towards them. I am so grateful for the healing this aspect of Christ and the City has provided for me and the purity of heart I’ve seen come of it.