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My name’s Kyle and I’m a 1st-year Christ in the City missionary from Centennial, CO.

What brought me to Christ in the City

After serving as a summer missionary in 2019, I experienced a much deeper conversion to Christ, savoring His providence and life-giving abundance that was so tangible. Returning to Gonzaga University for my junior year, I walked the downtown streets of Spokane, WA with friends to introduce them to street ministry and the joy inherent within it. When courses went online and quarantine began, my heart was deeply moved for the many people who had no shelter to “shelter-in-place”. Inspired by St. Aloysius’ work, I wanted to serve those who had no one to care for them. This desire never left my heart, becoming the guiding force in deciding to take a leave of absence for my senior year. I realized that others need me to know, love, and serve them – but I’ve also realized my own fundamental need for the same, cementing my call to be a CIC missionary!

How Christ in the City has helped me grow

During this year at Christ in the City, I’ve seen myself grow primarily in my own confidence and being able to recognize my own good qualities. With the help of others in community, I’ve come to a better and more honest recognition of who I am. Rather than seeking virtue above all else, a common prayer for myself has been “Lord, help me to become more human”. Not just give me this or that virtue, but as a whole, help me to become wholly like Christ. Christ, who is the most whole and vibrant example of humanity. If I pursue life as He had it, an abundant life, I’ll necessarily grow in love and sanctity. Christ in the City has confirmed me in these desires for abundant life, a height of humanity and communion with the Divine that Christ calls me to. By serving and living with the poor on the streets and in our community, I’ve seen the greatest potential for my own human love, forming and orienting the rest of my life towards mercy.

A bit about me

I’m an engineering turned English student, often found diving deep into obscure and various passions before jumping into the next (photography, music, and outdoors stuff have stuck around the longest though). I keep a long and unfinished list of inventions, trip itineraries, and dreams in various notes to one day fulfill – one of which is to be a sage who wanders the Pacific Crest Trail… I believe understanding and telling stories of the human heart to be one of the most valuable pursuits and I greatly desire to grow in it.