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My name’s Kate and I’m a 1st-year Christ in the City missionary, returning for a 2nd year, from Shermans Dale, PA.

What brought me to Christ in the City

I went to Christ in the City for spring break my sophomore year of college, and I experienced authenticity and acceptance there that I hadn’t experienced anywhere else. I went back again the next spring break, and then visited the summer before my senior year. With each visit, I wanted to be there – on the streets, in the house, in the chapel – more and more. As I considered what I’d do after college, I realized how much I had learned and changed each time I had visited CIC, so I knew that the next right step was becoming a CIC Missionary.

How Christ in the City has helped me grow

I’ve learned to have more honest conversations with people. I’ve learned to ask hard questions and to give answers that aren’t what people want to hear. I’ve learned to ask for help and to receive help more graciously. A particularly formative experience has been quarantining from the rest of my community. It’s painful and isolating to live in a house full of people but not be able to freely move about it. It was stressful not to be able to control who I would talk to throughout the day. It was sad to miss out on the jokes, spontaneous activities, and conversations that happen in the common spaces of our home. It was humbling to have to ask for food, clothes, and whatever else I needed without contributing to the cleaning, cooking, or general upkeep up the house. I felt powerless, especially when I knew that people I care about were having a bad day or going through something hard, and I couldn’t be there for them. The experience of quarantining was an opportunity to trust that my community would take care of me, each other, and my friends on my street route. It was an opportunity to trust God, too. Is He really with me always, even when I feel powerless and alone? Yes, even then.

A bit about me

I’m a woman of complexity, but I love the simple things in life like coffee and good conversation. I grew up out in the country, but I like living in the city. I studied bioengineering in college, but my favorite class was a writing class that I took with some men in a state correctional facility. I’m the kind of person who will have no mercy on you in a competition and then bake you cookies afterwards.