I paused as I got to the edge of the park and scanned the area.

I was insanely nervous.

People were scattered throughout the park, some in clumps, some in pairs, some alone. It was now my job to approach one of these people and strike up a conversation with them. This is what I’d been waiting to do for the past month or longer and the time was finally here.

I felt a bit of anxiety, nervousness, shock, disbelief, and excitement.

With three people I had met only a month ago (my new street team and our mentor) I was ready to start my new mission.  

It was so awkward and uncomfortable walking up to that first homeless person, but after getting over that initial hesitation, I fell in love.  

AJ quickly won over my heart by teasing us, telling us jokes, and tying our shoe strings together.  After saying “see ya later” to AJ, a surge of energy and excitement coursed through my body.

I couldn’t wait to meet the next person. And the next. And the next.

My street team quickly learned to lean on each other, communicate, and know what to do in certain situations. We each brought our own strengths and unique way of sharing Christ’s love to our friends on the street

It’s an experience that changes the way you view the world and yourself.

Hannah is from Lincoln, NE. She served with Christ in the City from 2016-2018 and is now studying Psychology at the University of Colorado Boulder. She enjoys cats, tacos, and laughter (in no particular order).