I’m a 1st-year Christ in the City missionary from Nicholasville, KY.

What brought me to Christ in the City

I’ve always wanted to be a performer. In high school, that desire became a fire that drove me to give everything to my craft. In theatre college, those flames ignited more. Success and daydreams of broadway were almost constantly on my mind and I thought I was happy… But around the start of my junior year, that fleeting happiness began to collapse. I realized that God was bringing me to my knees but I didn’t like that. So I said, “God, I don’t want you… Help.” For months my only prayer was “Detach me from every single thing on this earth. Change the desires of my heart so that all I want is you.” — I did not expect, nor could I ever have imagined the intense joy that has followed me every single day since He responded to that request… I saw a youtube video about Christ in the City and I really wanted to do it. Long story short, I’m just following my heart.

What I’m looking forward to
Have you ever seen The Chosen? If you have, then I’m willing to bet that at some point during the show you found yourself wishing that you could be alive in 30 AD. To have Jesus, the King of Adventures, turn to you and say, “Follow me.” And then to actually follow Him! To spend all your time with Him and the band of riff-raffs. To do what He does with Him all day and to sleep in the same camp as Him all night… Recently it’s hit me that you don’t need a time machine. Christ in the City missionaries are so lucky to have an adoration chapel in our house. We’re so lucky that as Christians, we’ve all been invited to be Christ’s hands and feet on this Earth. I’m really looking forward to everything.
A bit about me
I’m from Nicholasville, KY. I was homeschooled. I just graduated from Northern Kentucky University with a BFA in Musical Theatre. I used to work at a coffee shop. My dad makes pizza. My mom makes art. My sister dances on her toes. My dog thinks she’s a cat. Not to brag but I can gleek. If there’s a tree, I’m up it. Life is better without shoes. My favorite saint is Sr. Clare Crockett. I love sitting in the sun. Everything is joy.