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My name’s Devin and I’m a 1st year Christ in the City missionary from Boise, ID.

What brought you to Christ in the City?

There are a myriad of factors that have been at play to bring me to Christ in the City. God has been the first mover in all of this, working directly in my heart, through other people, and through my past experiences. I went to CIC on a spring break trip in 2020 and did a summer of service that same year after the pandemic began. These moments were powerful and have left an indelible mark on me. Earlier this year, I felt that silent and peaceful call to inquire again into CIC. I have been yearning to be formed deeper by Christ, and after going through the application process for CIC, I knew quite quickly that this was to be my next step in life. Thanks be to God!

What are you looking forward to?

I am seeking to love others and God better. In humility, I see many areas where I fall short of the glory of God, and there is more I certainly do not see. I look forward to witnessing Christ uproot those things which separate me from Him and others. I hope to become a good friend to the other missionaries and those whom I meet on the streets, that I might decrease and God might be glorified. I am trying to set no expectations for my year in Denver, that I might be as receptive and open to His grace as possible.

A bit about me

I wasn’t always Catholic. When I started going to college at the University of Utah, I began inquiring more into Christianity after not having been affiliated with it much prior. After being introduced to the Church my Freshman year, I underwent the process to become Catholic during my Sophomore year. A lot has changed in my life these past five years–too much to fully describe here–so, ask me about it at some point. Some hobbies and things I enjoy: mountain biking, running, hiking, tennis, golf, guitar (improv!), ancient languages (and languages in general), reading fiction and nonfiction, and many other adventurous things!


everyone deserves
to be known & loved

If you join me in the mission as a monthly supporter, you will also become part of Known & Loved, Christ in the City’s monthly giving community! We are so grateful for our monthly supporters and their consistent generosity which makes it possible for us missionaries to be formed and reach out the homeless all year-long.

Watch Zach’s testimony below to hear what it means to him to be Known & Loved.