“Getting to know these people, getting to laugh with them and cry with them, is just thoroughly human.”


The summer has just begun for 17 Summer of Service missionaries in Denver! We are in the thick of cultivating relationships with the homeless in this city. Each encounter on the street, whether it be with an old friend of Christ in the City or a new face, takes us deeper into the heart of this mission: knowing, loving, and serving the poor in a society plagued by loneliness.

The lessons in love which we take from the streets are solidified in the prayer, community life, and formation back at our home. We just began a class on Catholic Social teaching, which couldn’t be more relevant to our daily experience.

Many people recognize us when we go to Mass or when they see a bunch of young adults serving in the park downtown. The year-long missionaries have introduced us to their friends on the street and shown us the ropes on their regular street routes. We are excited to take over these routes and continue these friendships with those we have met on the streets!  

We will end our summer mission here on August 1st, please keep praying for us! 

Q&A with Team Denver!

What was one of the most impactful experiences you had in street ministry? 

I befriended a man who has just been released from the hospital after over 60 days. While he was sharing his story, I was taken aback that, despite all his suffering, his disposition was cheerful, and I so clearly saw Jesus in him. The next week we hung out again at the park, and it was like witnessing a miracle: after praying for him all week, many of his injuries were improving greatly, and he was even more hopeful for the future. It is a privilege to see the Lord work in someone else’s life so tangibly.

In what ways have you grown so far this summer?

Meeting people everyday who come from vastly different backgrounds and experiences has stretched my worldview and convinced me that we are all connected as the Body of Christ.

I have also seen how being obedient to the Lord, even when I may be tired or think that I know a better way, is very freeing. This reflects in the prayer life we have as missionaries. With that as our foundation, everything we do has a meaning beyond this world.

What is it like living in community with your fellow missionaries? 

It is beautiful to share your experiences with other young people who also desire to live out their faith. Sometimes it is hard to let others in, but it is worth it to be seen and known because then the joy is so much deeper. We have bonded so much through music, singing as we cook and clean, and even as we order McDonald’s drive through! Each day is an adventure to come together as a community of believers.