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My name’s Colleen and I’m a 2nd year Christ in the City missionary from Greenland, NH.

What brought you to Christ in the City?

After first experiencing the authentic and raw conversations of homeless ministry on a spring break mission to Washington D.C. in 2018, it was clear this was just the beginning. Jesus continued to grow this desire to serve those experiencing homelessness, bringing me to Christ in the City this past summer for a month long mission filled with community, formation, prayer, countless smiles, and unforgettable relationships – both on the streets and in the house. God is just so good to me that He’s allowing me to come back and serve as a full-time missionary for a whole year!

How has Christ in the City helped you grow?

As you would expect, being with the poor and in a Catholic formation program has changed me. I have discovered who I am through addressing challenges on the streets, conflicts in community and being with people who desire to pour into me. Suffering has a new meaning for me after knowing the homeless who are mourning the loss of a family member, discerning reconciliation with daughters, seeking sobriety, and simply want to be heard. As I sit with people on the streets uncovering who they are, I am able to see myself with compassion, to better understand the compassionate gaze of Jesus. Our mission to know, love and serve is not only for the people on the streets, but reflects in our community life too. Christ in the City has taught me to grow in authenticity, as it has been a place I can rest in who I am in the eye of our Heavenly Father.

A bit about me

The most common word others use to describe me is joyful. And I associate the virtue of joy to life with Christ. I am passionate about practicing simplicity, traveling and love investing in close relationships. In my free time I often explore mountain towns, spend time outdoors, sip at fair trade coffee shops, write notes and go for runs. This year I’ve learned that I love spontaneity and am excited to see what adventures Philly has to offer!


everyone deserves
to be known & loved

If you join me in the mission as a monthly supporter, you will also become part of Known & Loved, Christ in the City’s monthly giving community! We are so grateful for our monthly supporters and their consistent generosity which makes it possible for us missionaries to be formed and reach out the homeless all year-long.

Watch Zach’s testimony below to hear what it means to him to be Known & Loved.