My name’s Clare and I’m a 1st-year Christ in the City missionary from Norristown, PA.

What brought me to Christ in the City

I first came to Christ in the City for a mission trip my freshman year of college. That week changed everything for me because seeing Catholic young adults who were Chrsit-centered, faithful, and also wanted to serve those in need made me want that radical love in my own life. I knew the Lord was inviting me to grow in humility and generosity this upcoming year, and every day is an opportunity for that as a CIC missionary.

What I’m looking forward to

I am most looking forward to forming an intentional community of missionaries and encountering Christ in the friendships I make on the streets.

A bit about me

I am a people-person, so I have always loved spending my time playing team sports, game nights, and getting together with friends. Volleyball was my biggest passion growing up, but in recent years it has been replaced with travel and Jesus, both of which led me to study abroad twice in college. I also love to read, write, and to learn about different topics covering an interesting range from theology to international relations to Swahili. You can catch me most days in my natural habitat: throwing together an ad-lib dinner for my friends while taking notes on the podcast I’m playing at double speed.


everyone deserves
to be known & loved

If you join me in the mission as a monthly supporter, you will also become part of Known & Loved, Christ in the City’s monthly giving community! We are so grateful for our monthly supporters and their consistent generosity which makes it possible for us missionaries to be formed and reach out the homeless all year-long.

Watch Zach’s testimony below to hear what it means to him to be Known & Loved.