Lights in the Darkness
Reflection by Kendra, 1st Year Missionary

Christ in the City is on a mission to encounter people, and it begins with the people in front of us every single day.

On our very first street ministry walk of  the missionary year, we came across a camp of people we now affectionately refer to as “Mike and the boys.” Mike found himself homeless a few months ago after his job and living situation fell through. He has become one of our dearest friends and frequently tells us,
“Y’all know the best part of my day is when you guys roll around.”

One day recently, we were in Mass and two of my teammates came in telling us to go to the back of the church where Mike was there waiting for us. He was beaming, showered, and dressed in fresh clothes. “You guys, I’m flying out tonight. I’m moving home! I saw you guys walking over here and I just had to tell you. I’m working as a sous chef back at my friend’s restaurant (Mike LOVES to cook), and I have housing!” Our smiles were as big as Mike’s!

As we exchanged tearful farewells, Mike shared with us his deep appreciation  for our friendship. He told us: “You guys made the hardest days of my life a little bit brighter. I love you, I appreciate you, and keep doing what you’re doing because you are making a difference.”

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