This Christmas season, we invite you to join us as we celebrate Emmanuel, Christ with us. We are called to encounter one another, especially the poor, just as God has encountered us by being with us.

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Trish has been a longtime friend of Christ in the City and recently she shared,

I’ve always had hope in humanity. Occasionally it dips, but without fail the Lord will remind me that it’s worth the fight and that I’m headed the right way. The Christ in the City kids have never failed to remind me. They come out and they know everybodys names and they remember what their “thing” is. Always some of the crankiest guys on the streets get all kind of lit up when the Christ in the City kids are coming. You have no idea how huge that is.

There are lives being saved because somebody remembered somebody’s name at the right time on the right day. There’s no way to measure that. To know what difference you make in a person’s life from moment to moment.”

Encounter is slowing down, stopping, calling each other by name.  Join us as we continue to spread the mission to KNOW, LOVE & SERVE the poor this Christmas.

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With Love,
Christ In The City