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My name’s Chase and I’m a 1st-year Christ in the City missionary, returning for a 2nd year, from Lincoln, NE.

What brought me to Christ in the City

I decided I wanted to become a missionary with Christ in the City by first realizing a desire to interact with the poor in my own city that I saw on a daily basis. Once I actually started to get to know them, I realized that God had placed a desire on my heart to grow in a more profound way, to come to know these people I would meet on the street that for so much of my life I had avoided or ignored out of discomfort. That desire turned into a small step of requesting an application for Christ in the City and needing to visit. Having visited, I then knew there was no other way I wanted to spend my next year!

How Christ in the City has helped me grow

I have seen myself grow in ways I would have never imagined. God has truly begun to break down the walls of my heart through those I meet on the streets and those I interact with in our own community. It is hard to explain, but I am so constantly reminded of my own poverty through my daily interactions. I am constantly relearning what it means to truly love my neighbor and to be loved as a child of God.

A bit about me

I am a wannabe farmer, who ended up as an accountant. I love cooking and watching movies. I don’t have an athletic bone in my body. I have always had a structured plan for how my life should look, but have come to know that God has so much better plans!