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My name’s Chas and I’m a 2nd-year Christ in the City missionary from Nebraska.

What brought me to Christ in the City
I actually was assigned to Christ in the City by the Diocese of Grand Island for my summer assignment in 2021. All I knew about the program before arriving was from my vocation
director telling me that a couple weeks at Christ in the City would change my life. He said that
Jesus would reveal to me a new radical way of how He can love me through the poor. Turns out he was right. I didn’t want to leave once the summer was done and I believed that God had more in store for me at Christ in the City. I already have one year under my belt but I know He
has even more in store for me during my second year.
How has Christ in the City helped you grow?
There are many ways Christ in the City has helped me grow during my time as a missionary. Most importantly, CIC has been a place for me to become more myself. For a while, I was trying to be this perfect version of who I thought God wanted me to be instead of being the
man He made me to be. I was trying to do everything perfectly while losing my authentic self because I didn’t believe that He actually liked who I was as a person. CIC has also helped me grow in removing the limitations I unintentionally placed on God, such as God’s ability to love through His infinite mercy. For a long time, I have struggled with this aspect of being loved by God and Christ in the City has helped me see that God wants to love me always. Sometimes, he shows me this through one of my friends on the street or with a family member I have struggled with in the past.Above all, He just wants to love me and for me to receive His love. God has brought so much to me through Christ in the City, and He has helped me find happiness at Christ in the City that I never thought I could receive in this lifetime.
A bit about me
I am from Grand Island, Nebraska. Before joining Christ in the City, I spent 5 years discerning a
vocation to the Priesthood. I have a deep love for learning because I am fascinated by many different things. I love to read many different genres of books while going to various coffee shops. I love to exercise and run, especially on different trails that have beautiful scenery. I love sports whether it’s playing them or watching them. My favorite team is the Nebraska Cornhuskers (GBR!!!!), even though they have been horrible at football for the last 20 years. I
also love to golf and I really value spending quality time with friends. My favorite kind of sweet is a donut, my favorite saint is St. Faustina, and lastly, my favorite bible verse (lately) is 1 Samuel 16:7!