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My name’s Brian and I’m a Christ in the City missionary, returning for a 2nd year. 

What brought you to Christ in the City?

Last year, I was brought to a low point, and during that time I felt a call from God to grow closer to Him and to discern His will for my life. Through building relationships with the homeless over this past year, God humbled me and taught me how to lean on Him in times of trial and distress. He taught me how to love deeper than I ever have before, both out on the streets and in community. A year later, God’s still not done forming me in His love and service, so I am coming back for a second year!

What are you looking forward to? 
This second year at Christ in the City involves more leadership and more depth of formation. I am excited to have an opportunity to set the tone for new missionaries and take an active role in shaping our community and our mission. I am also looking forward to deepening the friendships I have made with my friends on the street, to continuing to seek God through prayer, and to learning more about what it means for me to be an apostle here and now.
A bit about me…
God has taught me so much about myself this past year. He has really knocked down so many walls in showing me that my identity is not dependent on what I do, but rather the sum of His love for me. Despite that, music is a huge part of the way I give glory to God. I love playing my saxophone, writing pieces for orchestra, collaborating with friends, and participating in the liturgy through song. I also love hiking 14-ers and swimming in those chilly mountain lakes. In this journey through life, God has called me again and again to recognize that my plans are not His, and I am truly along for the ride in receptivity to His will. Through it all, I still find it hard to receive all the good things that God places in my life; nevertheless, I am so grateful for the gift of these two years of mission, and for all who support me. Thank you so much!