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My name’s Ben and I’m a 2nd-year Christ in the City missionary from Hebron, NE.

What brought me to Christ in the City

Later on in college I began to realize God’s call to mission. The spring of my senior year I spent discerning between becoming a missionary with Focus or CIC. At the end of the day, I knew the Lord wanted to form me into a very specific shape, and I felt like the CIC community was the perfect place for that growth to happen (and that I couldn’t escape that growth here, which turned out to be very true!)

How Christ in the City has helped me grow

Over the past year and a half God has laid down a foundation of healing in my life. Through the intentional relationships formed with my street team and community at large, I felt more seen, known, and loved than ever before at that point in my life. From that steady place I was finally able to see the man that God is calling me to be, and through the intercession of Mary and Joseph, I’ve made big strides towards stepping into that role.