At Christ in the City, our vision is to create a culture of encounter, where each person is seen, known, and loved. The following video breaks down our approach and highlights simple ways you can join us from wherever you are!



To bring the love of Christ to others, we must first experience Him ourselves. Missionaries are guided to deepen their relationship with Christ through personal prayer, Mass, Liturgy of the Hours, and spiritual direction.


Education in the Catholic faith and it’s teachings equip us to apply faith and reason to our daily work and lives. Missionaries take accredited courses from the Augustine Institute and University of Mary.


Community life serves as the overall context to live the mystery of Divine Love. Whether it be cooking, cleaning, laughing, or just spending time together, it is the first space to learn how to be a missionary through loving and giving oneself, sincerely forgiving each other, and holding each other accountable in becoming saints.


In teams of 3, we walk the same street routes regularly befriending the homeless. As trust is built, we are able to accompany our friends on the street to medical, housing, or prenatal appointments, or to enjoy healthy friendships over coffee. Often times, this friendship becomes a turning point toward restoring their sense of self-worth.


In 1993, Pope John Paul II visited Denver for World Youth Day. He inspired a movement of young people to be apostles of the New Evangelization. Within the Archdiocese of Denver, this has borne much fruit.

In 2009, Dr. Jonathan Reyes was living in Denver and recognized a division within the Church: one group focusing on evangelization and another on service to the poor. His vision was to combine the two.

In 2011, Christ in the City began with 15 young people who committed themselves to living in community, learning about the Faith, and serving the poor. The program was entrusted to the Christian Life Movement (CLM) as the service arm of their mission in the United States. 

In summer 2019, we sent missionary teams out to 5 new cities to lead 3-week summer programs, training others and making friends on the street from coast to coast!

In the 2019-2020 missionary year, our ministry grew, forming 34 year-long missionaries who walked eight street ministry routes in Denver, encountering more people experiencing homelessness.

“If you don’t love yourself, come here and they’ll love you until you can.”